Trademark Objection

After filing of application, Registrar may object an application on various grounds such as:

  • Identical or similar to an earlier trademark.
  • Possibility of confusion on the part of the public because of its similarity to an already registered trademark.
  • It contains or comprises of any matter likely to hurt the religious susceptibilities of any class or section of the citizens of India.
  • It comprises or contains scandalous or obscene matter.
  • Its use is prohibited under the Emblems and Names (prevention of Improper Use) Act.

If there is an objection raised by the department then it becomes important to file awritten response within 30 days by advancing sound and suitable arguments stating why registration should be granted.If no action is taken in time then application is considered abandoned by the Registrar and money spent on filing application will be waste.

Trademark Objection

Filing within a week, support until objection is cleared.

Service Includes:

  • Discussion with our attorneys.
  • Drafting and filing reply of notice of objection.
  • Continuous monitioring of application and regular updates on status.

Rs. 3499/-

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