Trademark Registration

Trademark is a sign that individualizes the goods or services of a given enterprise and distinguishes them from the goods or services of its competitors. What makes a business succeed are not products but brands.
Any word, logo, combination of colours, slogan, smell etc. can be registered as a trademark.

Benefits of registering a trademark

  • It creates prima facie evidence as to ownership of the mark and makes it easy to stop your competitors or third party from using similar or deceptive name.
  • It helps to identify goods or services of one seller and distinguish them from good or services of others.
  • Prevent competitors from copying the brand.
  • Act as a tool in advertising and selling.
  • Helps customers in identification of source or origin of a product or service.
  • It can become the most valuable asset of a business.


Trademark Registration

Filing of the application within 48 hours.

Service includes:

  • Public Search.
  • Discussion with our attorney as to the selection of class.
  • Drafting of Power of attorney.
  • Filing of application with the Trademark Registry.
  • Continuous monitoring of application and regular updates on status.

Fee Break up - 

Government Fee INR 4500
Processing Charges INR 150
Professional Fee FREE
Total INR 4650




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